Sit Down with Sniper

Sit Down with Sniper


Welcome to Sit Down with Sniper, the interview based podcast where we dive deep into the minds of extraordinary individuals. Join your host, Sniper, as he sits down with a diverse array of guests from various fields, including entrepreneurs, artists, activists, and more.

In each episode, Sniper engages in candid and insightful conversations, uncovering the stories, struggles, and successes of his guests. From discussing their personal journeys to exploring their areas of expertise, Sit Down with Sniper offers listeners a unique and intimate look into the lives and minds of remarkable individuals. 

Where can you listen?

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Questions & Answers

How many episodes are there of Sit Down with Sniper?

There are 85 episodes avaiable of Sit Down with Sniper.

What is Sit Down with Sniper about?

We have categorized Sit Down with Sniper as:

  • Business
  • News
  • Investing
  • Entertainment News

Where can you listen to Sit Down with Sniper?

Sit Down with Sniper is available, among others places, on:

  • Spotify
  • Apple Podcasts
  • Podtail
  • Google Podcasts

When did Sit Down with Sniper start?

The first episode of Sit Down with Sniper that we have available was released 22 November 2021.

Who creates the podcast Sit Down with Sniper?

Sit Down with Sniper is produced and created by Sniper.