Yankee Air Pirate

Yankee Air Pirate

The Yankee Air Pirate is a history podcast series that started off by telling the stories of Captain Richard A. Stratton, USN (Ret) - Tales of Southeast Asia.

These stories include the shoot down itself, the torture he endured, the propaganda campaign by the North Vietnamese, life as a POW in Vietnam, and conversations about many great American heroes as told by Richard Stratton, AKA “The Beak”.

The podcast series also includes interviews with many other great American POW heroes from the Vietnam era and others that they served with after their return from Vietnam. We have many more really special guests coming on our podcast soon.

The Yankee Air Pirate podcast is hosted by Richard Stratton’s oldest son; Patrick Stratton, a US Naval Academy graduate and former US Marine Corps Captain.

We recommend starting at episode #1, the story is designed to be heard in sequence.

Contact: Send email to: [email protected]

Some of the podcast player platforms that Yankee Air Pirate is available on include: Apple iTunes Podcast Player, RADIO PUBLIC, SPOTIFY, Stitcher, and Google Player. Just Search for: "Yankee Air Pirate”

Semper Fi

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