Who Is Nikki Haley?

Who Is Nikki Haley?

Who Is? · 2020-07-21

After serving as United States Ambassador to the United Nations in the Trump Administration, former Governor of South Carolina Nikki Haley, the first woman to lead the state, has fast become one of the most prominent and powerful politicians in the contemporary Republican Party. Haley, the daughter of Punjabi Sikh immigrants, grew up in rural South Carolina, and first entered politics when she defeated a longtime incumbent in a longshot race after Hillary Clinton inspired her to run for political office. As a member of the South Carolina House, Haley fought for transparency. But as Governor, Haley was in line with some of the most antidemocratic positions of her party, from fighting to limit voting rights to seeking to attract jobs to South Carolina via toady corporate giveaways. To understand one of the most talented, compelling, and complicated women in conservative politics, Sean Morrow talks to the people who have observed--and served--with Haley during her meteoric rise to the top. Featuring a conversation with former member of the South Carolina House of Representatives and CNN analyst Bakari Sellers.

Eleanor Openshaw, Co-Director of the New York office of the International Service for Human Rights (ISHR). She leads ISHR’s work to to promote NGO participation and protect civil society space at the United Nations

Bakari Sellers, former member of the South Carolina House of Representatives and CNN political analyst. His new book, My Vanishing Country, was released in May 2020

Andy Shain, Columbia Bureau Chief of South Carolina’s Post and Courier

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