This Changes Everything

This Changes Everything

Jeff Guenther, Sarah Rice & Wave Podcast Network
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Are you struggling? Feel like the world is changing too fast? Overwhelmed? Stressed? Welcome to the club! It’s called being a person, But fear not! MTV Challenge star, Sarah Rice, AMFT and TikTok Sensation, Jeff Guenther, LPC will help you (and each other!) thrive in the maddening, beautiful hellscape that is life. Sarah and Jeff use their professional training, wit, irreverence, and (probably excessive) self-disclosure, to cover relationships, mental health, family, happiness, sex…nothing is off limits.The show might help you let go of a toxic belief, the seemingly impossible might feel a little more doable, or maybe you’ll just have a good laugh on a bad day. Sometimes that’s enough! By the end of each episode, you’ll be saying “this changes everything!”

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