#19 Sophia McDermott

#19 Sophia McDermott

The ROL Radio - Jiu Jitsu Podcast · 2020-10-07

On this episode of RŌL Radio we have a 4 time Pan American Champion and the very first Australian female BJJ black belt, Sophia McDermott.

Sophia shares how she has persevered over the challenges and discrimination she has faced throughout her life.

First as a sickly child, who with the help of her mother changed her medical treatment and unleashed a top level child athlete. Then to being laughed at when shortly after starting Jiu Jitsu, she declared she would one day be the first Australian female black belt, and even now as she tries to change the culture of BJJ. Making it a more inclusive and safe place for women in a male dominated community.

Here is RŌL Radio with the incredibly strong willed and determined Sophia McDermott.

Episode #19 Highlights
3:56 Defying the doctors
6:58 Sophia finds her calling
16:05 Starting from scratch with nothing but a dream
24:05 A system for women to thrive
36:27 Focus on your happiness
48:42 Motivation
57:49 Final Goal


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