The Acupuncture Outsider Podcast

The Acupuncture Outsider Podcast

Sometimes doing what‘s best for the patient will go against dogma and tradition. And sometimes leaning more on science than on dogma will ruffle feathers and contradict the gurus and scholars of Traditional Acupuncture.

That‘s OK! There‘s room for many styles and there are enough patients for all of us!

I graduated at the top of my class with a Master‘s and a Doctorate in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture. I know the benefits of Traditional Acupuncture for many many conditions.

But if you want fast and excellent results treating chronic pain, sports injury, over-use injury, flexibility and mobility, that is what I‘m passionate about and I‘m not going to apologize for great results or for sharing what I‘ve learned from Western Medicine using Acupuncture.

The topics here will not be controversial unless you insist on holding onto dogma instead of being open to something new to you and that is based in science.

If you are interested in my online courses, you can find them at:

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