Rock That Creative Job

Rock That Creative Job

Jamie Roberts

Hey Creatives! Welcome to the Rock That Creative Job podcast! I'm your host Jamie Roberts, and I'm ready to inspire, motivate and empower you with the insight and guidance you need to get better jobs, better work, better pay, and build the creative career––and life––you’ve always wanted. Because the creative industry is different. And I want you to have the specialized career support you deserve, so you never second-guess your career decisions, or undervalue your skills, experience, and creative talent. My mission is to use my experience to help you avoid the pain, confusion, frustration, and isolation that can happen in creative work. I’m going to share stories from my own experiences so you never feel alone in your struggle as a creative professional. I’m going to tackle BIG mindset challenges––like imposter syndrome––so you have the tools to overcome those thought patterns that hold you back. I’ll also be talking with guests who can help demystify the creative hiring process, so you can have the insights that will help you connect with all audiences and get the jobs you really want. But most importantly, I’m going to give you the support that you need to survive the day-to-day in our wild and unpredictable creative professions. So click subscribe, share this with your creative friends, and LET'S ROCK!

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Questions & Answers

How many episodes are there of Rock That Creative Job?

There are 51 episodes avaiable of Rock That Creative Job.

What is Rock That Creative Job about?

We have categorized Rock That Creative Job as:

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  • Careers

Where can you listen to Rock That Creative Job?

Rock That Creative Job is available, among others places, on:

  • Spotify
  • Apple Podcasts
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When did Rock That Creative Job start?

The first episode of Rock That Creative Job that we have available was released 3 December 2022.

Who creates the podcast Rock That Creative Job?

Rock That Creative Job is produced and created by Jamie Roberts.