31: The Amazon Drowns Jeff Bezos

31: The Amazon Drowns Jeff Bezos

Earth Riot Radio · 2020-11-25

Quotes from this week's Earth Church:
1) Earth to Humans: Start Your Apocalypse. -
2) To survive: All evidence points to the need for a quasi-religious transformation. -
3) We will leave behind piles of pixels and paper. Careerism is over. -
4) We built our sophistication behind 300 years of carbon. -
5) Can we break through convenience? Covid says yes that is possible. -
6) Children! We gotta teachable moment like a tsunami! -
7) Let's take the Fabulous Unknown from the Night Sky and Put it on our Hearts! -
8) We might have to turn into birds, like the dinosaurs did. That might be OK. -
9) If we survive Consumerism, then we lock arms at the cliff's edge, and get set to Evolve. -
10) We're jumping into the abyss shouting LIFEALUJAH! LIFEALUJAH! LIFEALUJAH! ----
The director of the Church of Stop Shopping is Savitri D in New York.
The Fiery Eagles of Justice are Brendan Burke (drums) & Jason Candler (sax).
Produced by Reverend Billy & Jason Candler.
This show is part of Pantheon Podcasts.
Thanks to Neil Young and community for inclusion in the Times-Contrarian.
Reverend Billy is William Talen.

Earth Riot Radio

Hosted by Reverend Billy and Savitri D, EARTH RIOT is a comedy-infused, music-filled exploration of humanity’s most urgent issue -- the planet’s Sixth Extinction. Made by "Earth-loving urban activists" from The Church of Stop Shopping, this podcast educates, inspires and urges listeners to embrace reality and take action. Featuring “News From the Natural World,” a weekly gathering of climate change’s latest science, and insightful interviews with radical leaders in environmentalism and activism.

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