Explained: Vote Counting & The Election Results Delay

Explained: Vote Counting & The Election Results Delay

Politicology · 2020-09-07

This episode was recorded when Ron Steslow was host of The Lincoln Project Podcast (www.lincolnproject.us). He is no longer affiliated with the organization. This feed is now the home of Politicology. Our host and co-founder Ron Steslow asks fellow co-founder Mike Madrid to break down how votes are counted, how the surge in mail-in ballots will impact when we know who wins the Presidential election and why this November may hold the three most critical weeks in American democracy.
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Politics in America is transforming. We’re embarking on a new series to deepen our understanding of who we are, how we got here, and how we rebuild without repeating the mistakes of the past. Ron Steslow hosts academics, behavioral economists, social psychologists, politicos, philosophers, anthropologists, journalists, poets, and storytellers—and more—to discuss America’s political present and future and dive into the deeper problems we face as a nation. Email us questions or comments: [email protected]

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