Principles of Change With Seb Alex

Principles of Change With Seb Alex

Join show host, activist, author and lecturer Seb Alex as he chats about the impactful work of game changers who are fighting in their own ways to make this world a better place, whether that is for other animals, humans or the environment. By going through the personal stories of each of these incredible human beings, the aim of the podcast is to remind the listeners the actual power of the individual, concentrating on making sure that we each find our own way to grow and seek positive change. The subjects discussed are animal rights, activism, veganism, plant based eating, health, sustainability, self-care and more! Seb has spent the last 4 years creating content mainly about animal rights and has given hundreds of workshops and lectures in community centers, schools and universities in Europe. To support or find out more about Seb’s work, please visit

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