Heart of the Matter

Heart of the Matter

Annalisa Bahadur

Come with me into a bedroom in New Delhi, India. A young woman sits on the edge of a bed with ridges of tears dried onto her young face. She feels defeated - helpless, unworthy, and lonely. It's a familiar feeling. Touching rock bottom has been a constant phenomenon nearly most of her life. But this time, while the pain is nothing new - it’s felt more deeply.

As her thoughts and feelings spiral out of control, she finds her mind echoing a recurring question — "Why does this keep happening to me?"

That young woman is me. It’s twenty-seven-year-old me to be exact. I am trying to make sense of why I always end up in this place of feeling not good enough. And I decided to take on that question because I was tired of depending on everyone to fulfill my emotional needs and to validate my worth.

My own narrative kicked in — life is a classroom, and experiences are our lessons. I decided to free myself of fear and I chose to reshape my narrative. A purposeful and tenacious spirit took a hold and I started my healing journey towards a life of gentleness, peace, and unconditional self-love.

I want to believe my tenacity to push back at life helped me emotionally and mentally survive growing up in Guyana, India and the US. I learned to accept life as it happens because I have seen that once we get through the uncomfortable and unwanted experiences, we become a stronger and better version of ourselves to stand in the face of any adversity. And it’s quite liberating to stand up to life and say, Let’s see what else you’ve got that I can’t overcome.”

This freedom I now feel to love freely and still be in control of my emotions inspired me to help others achive the same results. I do that by combining traditional counseling and coaching techniques to uncover the unique strengths that will guide others through healing from childhood trauma and trauma from life experience.

My work is a reflection of a life driven by a dream of a revolution of happiness - a dream that compels me to empathize with those who have been unkind, and thus, rapidly reshaping painful experiences into sources of growth. My approach is curious and compassionate because I find it’s the only way that I can patiently lead my clients out of the darkness of trauma, anxiety, and despair, to a life of liberation.

It's a unique journey of rediscovery, rebirth, and healing deep wounds that I believe will set us free.

This podcast is an extention of my passion to help other through their jouney to healing. 

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Questions & Answers

How many episodes are there of Heart of the Matter?

There are 17 episodes avaiable of Heart of the Matter.

What is Heart of the Matter about?

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  • Mental Health

Where can you listen to Heart of the Matter?

Heart of the Matter is available, among others places, on:

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When did Heart of the Matter start?

The first episode of Heart of the Matter that we have available was released 28 March 2023.

Who creates the podcast Heart of the Matter?

Heart of the Matter is produced and created by Annalisa Bahadur.