57. Lessons from a Happiness Expert on Gratitude and Positivity | How to Authentically BE YOU

57. Lessons from a Happiness Expert on Gratitude and Positivity | How to Authentically BE YOU

Driven Young · 2022-05-16

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Welcome back to the Driven Young podcast and today we are talking about all things happiness and gratitude!

So many people are so negative, the news is so negative and so much of what we consume is negative and all of this can have a serious effect on us.

So today I have brought on Happiness Expert and researcher Declan Edwards. I met Declan on Clubhouse and he blew my friends and I away with some of the stuff he was saying. So much so we have since become friends and I invited him on the podcast to share his knowledge with you all!

Declan is the founder of the company BU, he has a bachelor of health, a Postgraduate Certificate in Positive Psychology and has Practitioner Certifications in NLP, CBT + Acceptance & Commitment Therapy. His entire company is based on the science of happiness (which I know sounds bizarre) but they do some seriously awesome stuff in the company.

In today's episode we get into:

Declans Story of how he didn't do what his parents wanted him tooThe top regret of the dyingwhy motivation isn't always goodSocial media and mental healthbeing vulnerableWhat the goal of your 20s should beHow to focus on the positive rather than the negativeAnd so much more...

This episode also comes with a gift, I have added two downloadable PDF's with some super powerful questions we discuss on this episode, they are completely free and you can find the link in the show notes.

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