Chiseled and Called

Chiseled and Called

Brittany Dawn Nelson

Have you ever walked through trial after trial questioning how much more you can endure?

Have you ever doubted how in the world God would call you to something with your broken past lurking around every corner?

Have you ever just doubted God?

Well sis, this might be the podcast for you.

The Bible tells us that the storms of life are inevitable in this lifetime. I’ll dare to say that when you jump into the deep end with Jesus, that’s actually where the waters get rough. But the storm set out to drown you is the very storm that God will use to refine, chisel, and call you.

In the Chiseled and Called podcast, Brittany Dawn is authentically raw about her walk with the Lord as she shares past struggles, biggest failures, and current uphill battles. This is a space where all are welcome and no story is too far past the point of redemption.

Hey girl! I’m Brittany Dawn. A born and raised Texan, wife, foster mom, and founder of She Lives Freed. In 2019, I had a radical, unexplainable incomprehensible encounter with Jesus that would forever change my life. Since that night, no aspect of my life has looked the same.

Since that pivotal moment four years ago, I have walked through excruciating seasons of pruning. I’ve lost everything and everyone, I’ve navigated divorce, walked through the flames of cancel culture, faced hardship, and found myself broken amidst heartbreak. Yet through every high and low, I can confidently say that my constant has been Jesus. That my constant always will be Jesus. And I’m here to encourage you that at the end of it all, if all you have is Him, He is all you need.

I joke with friends that I skip the surface level talk and dive right in to the deep conversations over a cup of coffee… but truthfully, that’s what I’m here to do. And through it all, point your focus right back to the King.

Think of each episode as a big sister talk. I’m here through your worst day, tilting your chin up towards the King and reminding you that you can, in fact, continue on. I’m here to point you to scripture that speaks truth when your circumstances shout otherwise. I’m here to remind you that your past is not too broken and you’re not too far gone.

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Questions & Answers

How many episodes are there of Chiseled and Called?

There are 55 episodes avaiable of Chiseled and Called.

What is Chiseled and Called about?

We have categorized Chiseled and Called as:

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  • Christianity

Where can you listen to Chiseled and Called?

Chiseled and Called is available, among others places, on:

  • Spotify
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When did Chiseled and Called start?

The first episode of Chiseled and Called that we have available was released 12 March 2023.

Who creates the podcast Chiseled and Called?

Chiseled and Called is produced and created by Brittany Dawn Nelson.