Chief Change Officer

Chief Change Officer

Vince Chan
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Are you paralyzed by the fear and risks associated with a career change at 30, 40, 50, or even 60? If you're ready to break free from traditional career paths and master your future, you've found the right place!

Vince Chan: mastering 18 career shifts in 36 years

I am your host, Vince Chan. My life story is a testament to overcoming fears and mastering futures on my own terms. Since the age of 15, I've navigated 18 career transitions across 36 years. I've weathered six economic crises, adapted to life in over 10 cities, and overcome battles with mental illness. But I've done more than just survive—I've thrived. From managing billion-dollar funds and publishing two books to navigating the academic halls of Yale and Chicago Booth and speaking on global education technology stages, I bring you wisdom not just from my victories but from the challenges I’ve faced, each time emerging stronger.

What's in it for you?

To help you get unstuck, minimize risks, and conquer fears—so you can reshape your career on your own terms, with resilience and intelligence—I created the "Chief Change Officer" podcast.

Here, I don’t just celebrate superficial success or gloss over painful failures—I share time-tested, real-life stories of career transformation that are both lived and learnable.

The centerpiece of the podcast is the learnable career story told by real-life role models, akin to the business cases used in the HBS Case Method, a century-old educational standard still revered in top modern business schools. Each episode is crafted to deliver practical insights you can immediately apply to your own career.

Guests: credible and diverse role models

I meticulously select the most credible global figures for you to learn from. This careful curation ensures that every episode not only expands your understanding but also maximises your ability to supercharge your own incredible careers.

My guests range from the youngest Singaporean parliamentarian at 30, who shares her candid experiences overcoming ageism in politics and social media attacks, to a trailblazing LGBT tech CEO at 60, discussing her transformation from oboe musician to sales and revenue technology leader. You’ll also hear from a polyglot Russian diplomat turned energy innovator in Cincinnati at 50, who explores the self-starter skills needed to pivot industries successfully, and a Parisian lawyer who left banking at 40 to dedicate herself to building the youth economy in Senegal, offering insights into global entrepreneurship.

Bonus: No Ads, Just Pure Inspiration: An added bonus—my podcast features no ads, no political, corporate, or sales talk, ensuring authentic and uninterrupted conversations.

Join Our Community of Career Masters: Engage with @thevincechan on Linkedin and Threads. Share your career challenges and aspirations, and you could possibly feature in an episode, receiving free, personalized guidance.

Chief Change Officer: Make Your Laws of Change

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Questions & Answers

How many episodes are there of Chief Change Officer?

There are 25 episodes avaiable of Chief Change Officer.

What is Chief Change Officer about?

We have categorized Chief Change Officer as:

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  • Entrepreneurship

Where can you listen to Chief Change Officer?

Chief Change Officer is available, among others places, on:

  • Spotify
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When did Chief Change Officer start?

The first episode of Chief Change Officer that we have available was released 8 March 2024.

Who creates the podcast Chief Change Officer?

Chief Change Officer is produced and created by Vince Chan.