Cars That Made Australia

Cars That Made Australia


Australians have a long-standing love affair with the automobile and when, in 1948, the first Holden came off the production line, our cars also became part of our national pride.

Our cars do more than take us from A to B, they are freedom on four wheels. What we drive reflects our personalities, and our aspirations, and even allows us to let out our inner bogan.

This is the story of the car that your folks bought home when you were a kid and you climbed all over the back seat. It’s the car that you crammed into on those hot summer road trips. It’s that model that you saved up for when you were a teenager or the car that your friend has that took you out of the suburbs. It's the car that you were brought home in from the hospital (potentially without being secured properly).

This is the story of the people who drove them and the people that rode in them... this is the story of the Cars That Made Australia.

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How many episodes are there of Cars That Made Australia?

There are 9 episodes avaiable of Cars That Made Australia.

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When did Cars That Made Australia start?

The first episode of Cars That Made Australia that we have available was released 11 April 2023.

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