back from the borderline

back from the borderline

mollie adler

You can perform emotional alchemy and I will show you how.

The idea of alchemy is to reduce something with fire – burning it down so that something new can rise from the ashes. You can do this with your personality, too. You’ve always had the power; you just didn’t know that. Now you do.


Highly sensitive, emotional, and intuitive children are often impacted most severely by dysfunctional family dynamics, childhood emotional neglect, sexual abuse, grooming, generational trauma, and inherited toxic shame. As adults, these same children often find themselves with a disorder or dysfunction label, as mainstream psychiatry tries to convince them that the root of their suffering is due to a disordered personality or chemical imbalance.

Our current medical model of mental health is quick to pathologize. Psychiatrists and therapists operating within this model often ask, “What’s wrong with you?” but rarely, “What *happened* to you?” Personalities are not cancerous tumors; psychological suffering cannot be accurately understood or treated through the lens of a purely medical model. We have to go deeper. And that's exactly what we do here on Back from the Borderline.

A path toward healing exists, even though I know it can feel impossible when you’re looking up from rock bottom.

Through working with and integrating the concepts we explore in each episode together, you’ll learn to:

✧ Better regulate, name and process your emotions

✧ Understand and reduce chronic feelings of emptiness

✧ Confront and uproot your toxic shame

✧ Put an end to recurring patterns of self-sabotage

✧ Connect with your Higher Self

✧ Break the cycle of generational family trauma

✧ Set healthier boundaries with yourself and others

✧ Recognize the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships

✧ Heal from a chronic need to please and seek validation from others

Tune in and prepare yourself to be standing in the ashes of the person you used to be. New episodes drop every Tuesday.


As for me? I'm Mollie Adler. A disillusioned millennial, podcaster, writer, creative, existential thinker, obsessive researcher (huge nerd), and fellow f*cked up human desperately trying to find meaning in a society and culture that seems to be devoid of it. To read my Substack articles, access my Amazon book recommendation list, submit a voicemail, or contact me for collaborations, visit

Anyone – even you – can come Back From the Borderline. 𓆩ᥫ᭡𓆪 


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How many episodes are there of back from the borderline?

There are 150 episodes avaiable of back from the borderline.

What is back from the borderline about?

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Where can you listen to back from the borderline?

back from the borderline is available, among others places, on:

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When did back from the borderline start?

The first episode of back from the borderline that we have available was released 10 July 2021.

Who creates the podcast back from the borderline?

back from the borderline is produced and created by mollie adler.