Ready To Pop: The Ultimate Pregnancy Podcast with Caroline Foran

A once-off 8-part series that covers everything you need to know during pregnancy. Needless to say I am up the duff myself and, as it is my first pregnancy, I was in the dark about an awful lot of stuff, as expected! But when I started looking things up online, whether it was coping mechanisms for morning sickness or what I can and can’t use on my skin during pregnancy, or how to prepare myself for labour, there was just sooo much information and when you find out you’re pregnant, even if it was planned and you’re delighted, it can still be a bit overwhelming. So I wanted to put together this once-off limited series with 8 episodes that take you from the very beginning - so getting pregnant and fertility, right through your pregnancy to labour and a little bit beyond that too. For each episode I am joined by a relevant expert to give you the advice, reassurance and clarity you need and my hope is that when you’ve finished the series, you will feel more confident and more empowered about your pregnancy and what’s in store.

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