Dellmus “Heavy” Colvin - “The Interstate Strangler”

Dellmus “Heavy” Colvin - “The Interstate Strangler”

Where the Bodies Are Buried · 2021-03-08

Dellmus “Heavy” Colvin terrorized America’s highways from coast to coast as a lady-killing long-haul trucker, drug dealer, and truck-stop pimp. Most of Colvin’s victims were drug-addicted prostitutes that he first strangled in the cab of his big-rig truck, then transported and dumped their bodies in rural, wooded areas between destinations. The cold-blooded killer strangled one victim at an Arkansas truck stop because she knocked on the door of the truck while he was sleeping. He immediately grabbed her by the neck, strangled her, stowed her away in his truck, then later dumped her clothing in Idaho and her body in Nebraska. He was arrested in 2005 after a friend witnessed Colvin wrapping a body in a sheet and notified police. Colvin claims he murdered between 47 and 52 women between 1983 and 2005. He is serving several life sentences in Ohio for the murder of seven women, with several other cases pending.

In this episode, Colvin will be telling the actual location of a body buried in the woods outside a truck stop. He has also contracted Covid-19 and desperately begs for Phil's help.

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