Ryan Graves

MERGED is a platform to enable the mainstream exploration of UAP through the lens of pilots, scientists, and innovators.
Ryan will host discussions on UAP that prioritize scientific inquiry and maintain an open-minded approach. In addition to exchanging ideas, MERGED will serve as a conduit for identifying technologies, companies, and individuals that can contribute to the ecosystem of UAP research and understanding.

Ryan Graves is a former pilot who flew the F-18 Super Hornet fighter jet. In 2014, he and his colleagues regularly encountered unidentified aerospace phenomena (UAP) off the coast of Virginia Beach. These sightings were so frequent that they had to cancel training missions. By 2021, there have been 11 documented near misses with UAP. The MERGED Podcast is here to explore this phenomenon and the efforts to understand it through the perspective of pilots, scientists, and innovators. Ryan believes that the UAP phenomenon is an engineering problem and that a rational, science-first approach is needed to explore it.

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Questions & Answers

How many episodes are there of MERGED?

There are 20 episodes avaiable of MERGED.

What is MERGED about?

We have categorized MERGED as:

  • Education
  • Science

Where can you listen to MERGED?

MERGED is available, among others places, on:

  • Spotify
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When did MERGED start?

The first episode of MERGED that we have available was released 12 January 2023.

Who creates the podcast MERGED?

MERGED is produced and created by Ryan Graves.